Exhibit “Trees of Burgundy” - photos by Wayne Gudmundson

Exhibit “Trees of Burgundy” - photos by Wayne Gudmundson

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Exhibit “Trees of Burgundy” - photos by Wayne Gudmundson
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Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla California
November 7th – December 23rd, 2015


When we last connected with Wayne Gudmundson, in the interview “Alluring Landscapes”, the conversation focused on his photography of Icelandic and the American Mid-West landscapes. More recently, Gudmundson has turned his viewfinder towards new horizons: France.

In the autumn of 2014, Gudmundson explored the rural area near the Morvan National Park in Burgundy, France. As he photographed, he was increasing drawn toward the trees. A year later, the Joseph Bellows Gallery is now currently exhibiting Gudmundson’s new photographic work in the exhibition “Trees of Burgundy” (November 7th – December 23rd, 2015).

Gudmundson depicts the beauty of the French countryside through observing the tree-lined roads around Saizy, a small farming community in the Burgundy region. In his eloquently organized photographs, he shows the viewer how these trees interact with, and in some measure create the landscape to which they belong; a richly layered landscape that suggests the possibility of narrative, real or imagined.

Gudmundson explains: “From my first look, this landscape seemed welcoming and curiously familiar to me.  Also there was a expansiveness and grandeur that I found very appealing.  I knew that it deserved a large format presentation, so in September of 2014 I was able to bring my 4x5 view camera and make photographs.  I will return again to continue this body of work.”

Accompanying and complementing this solo exhibition will be a group themed show, entitled “Regarding Trees”. It will feature a remarkable collection of both vintage and contemporary tree images by a selection of the medium’s most celebrated photographers: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Caponigro, John Szarkowski, Barbara Bosworth, and others.




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