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Photographers & Photo Albums

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Photographers & Photo Albums
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Digital photographers must constantly be looking for the perfect moment, the perfect lighting, and the perfect picture - over and over. But after the picture is taken, they must also think of what they’ll do with all their beautiful captured photos: save them on the computer, share them online, or develop them traditionally? And of course, there is also the option of creating a photo album to display their digital work. Photo albums allow photographers to collect their images in a personalized professional book to immortalize their photos. For photographers, this is a great way to circulate their work, a passion for the printed image, and even a way of attracting new clients.

Creating a photo album is fast, easy and not necessarily expensive, unlike what many people may think. Today, there are many online providers who offer this service. Lesphotographes have recently partnered with one online provider in particular:, an international photo album specialist that operates in five European countries: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. They describe their services as follows: gives you, as a photographer, the opportunity to collect your favorite photos in a beautiful album. Create your photo album in less than 10 minutes with high quality standards and embrace the ability to immediately share your work online. With a team of photographers and designers, they will lead you to your perfect personal exhibition.

Regardless of the type of photographer you are, creating your own photo album is the perfect way to showcase your portfolio. If you are a wedding photographer, for example, you could choose the Album photo XXL PRO, a beautiful A3 landscape photo album with your photos on shiny photo paper. Giving your clients the best memories of their wedding day improves your services as a photographer.

On the website of you can choose from a broad range of formats, paper, backgrounds, clip arts and more… Choose a mini pocket album (10x10cm) or a A5 photo album to carry your pictures anywhere. These are the easiest solution. But perhaps you are looking more for something to that adds a great value to your photo studio? Go for the photo album XXL UP or photo album XL on photo paper.

Creating your photo album means that you can be both creative while photographing, and while showcasing your photos. Pick your own cover, choose the paper you prefer and determine the size for your photo album! After creating your own photo album, you can share it directly online via e-mail, social media, and on your website!

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