4 Questions for Coil

4 Questions for Coil

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4 Questions for Coil
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1. How did "Coil" begin? What inspired you to create this online magazine/photobook?

In 2011, we were experimenting on how works can be presented online via various platforms that can assimilate the way a book/magazine works. We were uploading segments, with pictures coming from our personal projects. After a while, we realized that the whole thing works on its own as an online publication, rather than immitating a printed book.
We wanted to focus on bodies of work rather than single photographs and to stay away from the common magazine layout. So when we started gathering material for the first issue, we came in touch and shared our idea with photographers whose works we were already familliar with. The result was "Coil 01".
For Coil, we were strongly influenced by contemporary photobooks. Great sources of inspiration were also "Provoke" and "Karasu"(Masahisa Fukase). And of course the idea that we wanted to work with photographers that are close to our sources of inspiration with works that we really like and admire presenitng them in a new way.

2. What can people expect to find? Does each publication have a theme?

In Coil we don't follow themes. We are interested in photographers and their works focusing more on contemporary black and white.

3. You're currently accepting work for the 6th publication. How can interested photographers participate?

Yes, we are currently accepting submissions for "Coil 06" (which will be published in December). Photographers can submit their works via our conatct page : coilmagazine.com/contact and by filling out the application form.
- We require a selection of 20 to 25 files in about 72 dpi in a .zip(or .rar) file named [full name] - Coil Submission.
- There is no specific theme for this call, but as you can imagine that we currently accept works in black and white.
- There is no specific deadline but please consider that it would be best for us if interested photographers can send in their material before December 1st.
- Anyone can submit their work more than once (free to change the edit, add new files etc.)
- There is no fee.

4. What is your selection process like?

As for the selection process, we take a deep preview on each submission as soon as it arrives and when we will be ready to build "Coil 06" we will
take a deep view again on every submission  so we can select wich works will be featured on the issue.
We would like to thank everyone who submitted and anyone who will submit work in Coil and we do apologize for not being able to reply to each
submission individually.


Coil 05 went is featuring works from Clara Chichin, Lorenzo Castore, Damien Daufresne, Gabrielle Duplantier, and Klavdij Sluban.
For more information, visit the magazine at: coilmagazine.com
Contact: coilmagazine@yahoo.com


**Screenshot of magazine: image by Clara Chichin

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