Photo Contest 2013
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Photo Contest 2013
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Photo contest 2013 : Geometry au naturel

Mathematic rules mingle with surprises found in nature: shapes, lines, textures, and patterns appear in front of the lens. A view point from far away or close up, a photo taken in studio or outdoors. Geometry au naturel is also about making the familiar into something abstract, and the everyday into something stunning.

This year, invites you to participate in a photo contest on the theme "Geometry au naturel." In 2013, thanks to our partners and Blurb, we have the pleasure of receiving your photo submissions.


From March 15 – April 30 2013, please send one photo submission to Work will be judged based on photographic quality, ability to tell a story, and creativity.

Theme: Nocturnal Wanderings, black & white or color, analog (scanned) or digital.

General conditions: Submissions will be accepted up until April 30, at midnight. The three winners will be announced on May 20, 2012. The one photo may be submitted in any digital form, with a minimum size of 600px by 600px (no maximum size). Feel free to include a title, as well as a description of your photo (can help the jury in understanding your image), which will also be published. Work will not be judged on any written elements; only the photographic aspects will be judged.

Submissions will be presented in an anonymous manner and reviewed by a jury composed of our staff.

Winners will be notified by e-mail and are welcome to claim their prize at our offices in Paris (if you are out of country, we can mail you your prize) and invited to share their mailing address to receive their prize. Winners accept to share their images for publication in and (website, newsletter, social media, and our partner & Blurb), in low definition.

Each submitted photo will be shared on’s Pinterest account. If you wish to include a title, please indicate this in your submission email, all addition information will be included in the Pinterest pin, in respect for the photographer’s rights. The Pinterest public will be invited to vote for their favorite photo. The photograph with the most votes will win our honorary “Pinterest Prize” and the photo will appear along with our staff’s official selection of the website If you prefer that your photo not appear on the Pinterest website, please indicate this in your submission email.

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