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Todd Deutsch is a professor of photography at Saint Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota, yet finds time for personal projects. His artistic eye allows the viewer to explore the personality of his family through games, dinners, and the universal chaos of everyday life. Simultaneously, the frankness and humor in his style, informed by a child's world, immediately captivates the viewer's attention. We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Todd and Heidi, his wife, on the birth of their fourth son.

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Todd Deutsch photography

How and why did you start photographing ?

I started making photographs when I was about twelve years old. My dad got some darkroom equipment from a friend who was no longer using it. We built a space in our basement. I learned a lot about plumbing and scrounging building materials. I think my construction skills were helped more than my photography skills at that stage. Later I picked it up again when I went to college. This time more seriously.

Todd Deutsch photography

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