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Considering our modern tendency to get swept up in the world of digital technology, it's refreshing to see a body of photographic work that deals with the Kindle or the Ipad's predecessor: the book. Mickey Smith, an American photographer currently starting up in New Zealand, has focused her energy on photographing books, bound journals, and the like. Countless hours in libraries around the world have culminated into her numerous series like "Believe You Me" and "Collocations." Through her images, book and journal titles tell new stories...

The majority of your work deals with bound material - books, periodicals, journals - the object itself, their roles in society, their physical presences and absences. What originally drew you to this theme?

I spent several weeks over a period of years, as an artist-in-residence on Mallard Island in Northern Minnesota. On the island, there were seven different houses built in seven different architectural styles. Every wall of every house was lined with books. Everyone on the island used and loved the books, but it wasn’t until I had spent several weeks in-residence that I turned my camera toward them. I instantly quit caring for the subject matter. The image they projected sitting on the shelves was far more alluring. I started to look them as part of the architecture. Once I returned to the city, I revisited the public library with the same perspective.

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