The Self-reflections of an American in Paris: the Photography of Rachael Woodson
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After many conversations, artistic and non, I’ve had the great pleasure of becoming friends with and getting to know the photography Rachael Woodson more intimately. I met Rachael shortly after her move to Paris, from New York and since then, her work has appeared in the magazine Nylon and she has exhibited at Révélation 4 in Paris, during summer, 2010.

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Cloud, 2005, Band of Outsiders

What has been your photographic education thus far?

I started photographing when I was in high school. My mother would drive me into New York City where I took classes at Pratt and the School of Visual Arts on the weekends. I’d also spend hours at the local library looking at monographs by Diane Arbus and Mary Ellen Mark. After high school I studied at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), and this really opened up my eyes and heart to photography as I learned about it’s history and discovered what a powerful form of expression it can be.

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