Reimagining Landscapes: Jason Higgins & "Black Lung"
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Irish photographer Jason Higgins readjusts our concept of landscape photography in his series "Black Lung". Higgins takes us on a tour, of sorts, to the mining town of Castlecomer. But this isn't a documentary in the classic sense - head shots and scenes of the town wouldn't fit in here. Rather, Higgins underlines the lasting marks of mining by tailor fitting our vantage point in his images of the mined land and the miners themselves. Created during Higgins' studies in the MFA - Photography program at the University of Ulster, this photo series attempts to explore the seen and unseen via abstraction, texture, and traces.

Your series “Black Lung” explores coal mining in Ireland. What initially drew you to this subject?
I am primarily interested in developing bodies of work that look at the nature of Ireland and its people. 

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