Photography Workshops: Morea Steinhauer’s Projects in Latin America
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During her Masters work in Costa Rica, Morea Steinhauer started contemplating the wide range of photographic applications, which inspired her to create and lead fascinating photography workshops with Columbian refugees in Latin America. Her effervescent personality lights up a room and hearing of her meaningful projects reminds us of the exciting impacts photography can have in people’s lives. Below, she discusses her experiences as a mentor in these programs, as well as their influence on her own photography.

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What is your background in photography?

My journey with photography actually starts back in high school. I was a pet project of one of my dad’s friends that was at the time well into his 80s and had severe cataracts. He was an expert in all kinds of mechanical things, including photography. He no longer had the eyes to be able to photograph, but he taught me the mechanics.

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