The Photographic Processes of Ian Paterson
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Photography as performance and portraiture, wandering in Paris and working in a studio. Ian Paterson's photography embodies these themes, but his story as an ex-pat inspired by Paris also weaves in other mediums, notably drawing and painting. Gearing up for a return to the darkroom, Paterson describes his artistic processes and phases, as well as his new book "Searching for Godot."

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As an artist, and a foreigner, do you feel that you are inspired by Paris?

Absolutely! When I lived in Canada, I studied Art History and I was lucky enough to get a museum job. I was a curitor for five years after I graduated. It was great, but I got bored. So I decided to take a chance and I backpacked around Europe, like everybody else. And I fell in love with Paris. I got ideas here – ideas were coming at me left and right. So I said that if I were ever to be an artist, Paris was the place.

Now, there is a bad side of that too. I had the choice of living in London, Berlin, or Paris. Since I’m a romantic, I chose Paris. Had I gone to Berlin, or London, my work probably would have been more cutting edge. But we are what we are.

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