Lorenzo Agius exhibits his movie stars at Cannes
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Heralding in the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, as a part of exhibition “Cannes fait le mur” that will take place until 12th July at Cannes, giant portraits of world renowned celebrities decorate the city of Cannes. These prestigious clichés were taken by one of the most sought after photographers of the 7th art, Lorenzo Aguis, for the agency Contour, of Getty Images. He agreed to give us the “behind the scenes” interview.

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Photography Lorenzo Lagius
Ewan McGregor & Nicole_Kidman by Lorenzo Agius for Contour Agency of Getty Images

What is the artistic connection between the 17 images currently on display in “Cannes fait le mur?”

They were all shot by me over the past 10 – 12 years; some were taken at the Cannes Festival itself, others in various locations around the world. I have been very fortunate to work with so many talented actors and actresses over the years.

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