Heterotopia, the soul of ruins in Vincent J. Stoker
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Vincent J. Stoker is a young photographer and the winner of our contest « Photography and its Purpose ». In 2011, he will exhibit his series entitled “Heterotopia” at the Alain Gutharc Gallery, in Paris. That work on ruins is surrounded by a true graphic and intellectual coherence coming at a time when architectural photography is fashionable. What shall probably make all the difference to his artistic career is the quality of his proposal coupled with an incredible energy.

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Photographie Vincent J. Stoker

Before Heterotopia, what path led you to photography?

It’s the story of my life, really. I started photographing quite late but always carried a camera around on me. My concerns were initially quite different. I used my camera to memorise details, situations, everything that evoked an idea. Photography has never been an end in itself for me, I started by using it simply as a notebook.

After my studies, I travelled and took a lot of photos without really having a photographic awareness. When I returned to France I felt seriously bored. I discovered, a little by chance, an abandoned derelict industrial site. The Darblay paper factory at Corbeille Essonne. In it I found a kind of exotic setting that reminded me of my travels, a strangeness and a kind of « wonder » : the place plucked me out of the sedate day-to-day boredom that I was subject to at the time.
Photographically, was not always great. I was almost hysterical, entranced, I hallucinated totally on everything. I would fire away at the slightest nail, the tiniest screw. I would ponder on doors, windows … everything was worth recording! In short, I emptied batteries to fill memory files. I transformed electric current into pixels. I suffered from a kind of acute photographic bulimia.

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