Gavin Au: Hong Kong's influence on photography
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Recently honored with the Gold Winner of Asia Photo Award, Gavin Au is one of China's upincoming names in photography. Based out of Hong Kong, Au offers an interesting perspective on being a young, asian photographer. Visually, his work is at the same time culturally representative of China, it's "peeping" for example, as well as international, as seen with his stamp "collection." And in the following interview, he depicts influential elements surrounding his work like artistic freedom versus repressive politics in China and appropriating tintypes into his own modern style.

What is it to be a Hong Kong based artist today?

Artists have a great observation and sensitive to the things that happened around. They care about the community more than the most people. To me, Hong Kong is my base to develop art and for art creation. The artworks which explore the local culture and respond to the social, this is called Hong Kong’s local artists. In recent years, there has been a phenomenon in Hong Kong, most social movements are initiated by local artists.

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