Frédéric Dargelas: Natural Emotion and Passion
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It has always seemed necessary to us to interview lesser known, yet passionate, photographers who feel certain obligations in their lives. Sometimes it is difficult to choose which photographer to speak with, since they so numerous today (maybe even more and more numerous?). In the case of Frédéric Dargelas, it was an accidental meeting, during a trip, but also the quality of his work that led to these questions, and led beyond that to a collaboration where he offers photography workshops with us in Finland. In order to chose, all you need to do is follow your instinct....

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How would you define yourself as a photographer?
I would say I am a mix of an intuitive and curious photographer. I like to experiment and be surprised. The technique of photography is somewhat important. Knowing and paying attention to this boring bit is a strong support to focus on the moment you take the picture, this very moment you cannot recreate. It takes time and mistakes to have the good reflexes in every situation but the good thing is we can learn and pass it on to others.
Analog film photography does not forgive small mistakes, which gives you less chance to be an average photographer: it teaches you how to be a good photographer.

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