Baring All: the Self-Portraits of Arno Rafael Minkkinen
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On a chilly December afternoon, I scuttled into the Winnipeg Art Gallery and entered into the world of Arno Minkkinen. As I walked through the exhibit, the beauty of each image was nearly intoxicating. I wondered at this creative form of self-portraiture and his body’s playful, yet graceful, interaction with the landscape. Nearly a year later, I had the honor of connecting with Arno for this interview, where we discussed his beginnings, his motivation and his artistic process.

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Photography Arno Rafael Minkkinen
©Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Grand Canyon, 1995

For close to forty years you’ve concentrated on one subject. How did you continually motivate yourself over such a long time span?

“The motivation itself comes from the process itself.”

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