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For his exhibition Human Form at Galerie Duboys in the Marais in Paris, you will find the physical, psychological and alternative visions of American artist Michael McCarthy.  We join him in this gallery for an interview/guided visit of his photographic work which he continues to develop (and which is enriched) by his travels.

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Photos reproduced with the permission of Galerie Duboys & Michael McCarthy

We are in the gallery today viewing the current exhibition entitled Human Form, which revolves around the theme of the body—and often it’s your body which is presented.  Why this subject?

I believe the body is the center of our existence.  There’s nothing, no thought, no spirituality—without the body.  It’s the place where all our experiences are centered--pleasure, suffering and so on.  Our bodies are all, one day, going to fail us.  The body is the great problem for all living beings.  Post modernism has played an important role and shown us the impact of the media on the creation of personal identity in the modern world.  Where I believe post-modernism has failed is in its refusal to explore what is behind this notion of image—which is our body and its limited nature.  It’s, of course, interesting to raise questions about the truthfulness of our identities, how they are to some degree undoubtedly constructed from society and from the influence of the media which surround us.  But behind all this is an undeniable reality: we are mortal.  As my mother once said:  the greatest cause of death is birth!  And this idea of mortality doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

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