Acey Harper : The body in all its forms
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I first met Acey thanks to my own photo exhibit: he was picking up his prints at the photo lab across the street. This impressive photographer was introduced to me and I saw his extraordinary project. Acey is an incredibly sensitive and particularly humble man. He doesn't sell you his project, he lets you appreciate it in peace.
I have to admit that before looking at his website, I was slightly skeptic because nude photography isn't usually a discipline that touches me, and since Acey's work dealt with contortionists, I thought it would fall somewhere into the category of "common" photography. When I discovered his work, however, I was stunned at the modernness of the images, as well as the homage to the body and its numerous possibilities. The tonality is perfectly balanced, as are his compositions. The power of his lines are often striking. He equally plays with light and shadows to underline the value of a modeled body so as to capture these acrobatic feats. I truly admire Acey's work; he is someone who concentrates on what is essential - he works to achieve the perfect image.

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