“A Beautiful Body Project for Media” by Jade Beall
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In the digital age, along with Photoshop’s prowess, “A Beautiful Body Project For Media" is an indispensable photographic project. We need to see images that highlight the scars of time. These touching images, predominately black and white, modestly deal with what remains from moments that mark a life: stretch marks, love handles, bulges of fat, or sagging breasts.

Jade Beall knows how to underline a rather taboo aspect about pregnancy, that of the profoundly modified body, and touches upon the stigmas of this passage so deeply affecting for a mother. A mother never expresses the distress she feels when her body changes. She’ll always tell you that the pregnancy was a memorable moment in her life. Paying homage to all these women who have a serious ordeal by highlighting them, Jade’s photos are beautiful and discreet; they subtly threat the subject with heartfelt honesty.

Hi Jade, can you tell us about your background in photography?
I started photographing in high school in 1996. I loved developing black and white photographs in the darkroom, it was like magic! 

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