On a chilly December afternoon, I scuttled into the Winnipeg Art Gallery and entered into the world of Arno Minkkinen. As I walked through the exhibit, the beauty of each image was nearly intoxicating. I wondered at this creative form of self-portraiture and his body’s playful, yet graceful, interaction with the landscape. Nearly a year later, I had the honor of connecting with Arno for this interview, where we discussed his beginnings, his motivation and his artistic process.

One might ask the question, how does a scientist find his way to photography?  For Carll Goodpasture, the connection between entomology and photography isn’t that far-fetched. Though his photographic path began with explorations of identity, memory, people and place, his career has come to focus on environmentalism. Currently living and working in Norway, Carll shares with us his reflections on the meaning in his photographs and his art’s dedication to advocating for nature consciousness.

In a classical sense, the word ‘landscape’ evokes images of picturesque views, rural scenery, and extensive vistas. Photographer Wayne Gudmundson sees beyond this simplistic definition and employs landscape photography to explore his personal and geographical history. He has spent decades visually investigating how landscapes can represent both past, present and future generations.  Following a retrospective show in 2007 and a television documentary in 2009, Gudmundson discusses a variety of photographic aspects, from literary influences to planning an exhibit.

He pulls up to the house, parks the old police cruiser so that the license plate is just visible if you squint: Enigma. He walks to the front door, already sporting his purple converse dancing shoes (with neon laces) and reaches for the door, fingers decorated with turquoise rings. Stuart Klipper is a hard character to describe with words, but his enthusiasm and quit wit make for delightful conversation. Stu has stopped by before heading to Sunday night Cajun dancing at a local bar…

It’s challenging to find a more honest word to describe Robb Siverson’s photography than "variety". Mingling in a bit everything, from the dark room to commercial shoots, Robb’s work explores the vast possibilities of modern photography. As a photographic ‘jack of all trades,’ currently working in the Midwest, Robb explains to us his many photographic pursuits.

David Burdeny proposed through his work “Shorelines” landscapes of various shores with a remarkable atmosphere of peace and serenity. Long exposure, black and white. His recent work – “Icebergs” – brings us this time further from the coastline, into these cold and little known seas where ice giants wander. We leave the reassuring (black and white) atmosphere of the shores for a trip in color in the unknown where we face the chilling beauties of the Arctic and the Antarctic. We met the author in Brussels before the opening of his show in the Young gallery.

After three years, Sarah Christianson has recently received a MFA from the University of Minnesota in photography. Throughout this time, she focused on a rather personal project: documenting her family’s farm. We caught up with Sarah in the gallery space where she was exhibiting her final project and she walked us through the show.

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Todd Deutsch is a professor of photography at Saint Catherine University, St. Paul, Minnesota, yet finds time for personal projects. His artistic eye allows the viewer to explore the personality of his family through games, dinners, and the universal chaos of everyday life. Simultaneously, the frankness and humor in his style, informed by a child's world, immediately captivates the viewer's attention. We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Todd and Heidi, his wife, on the birth of their fourth son.

Hailing from Florida, but a long time resident of Minnesota, James Henkel is an expert at play. He has traveled extensively with a camera at his side, but is always drawn back into his studio. With an imaginative spirit and a passion for problem solving, Henkel transforms every day objects, occurrences and scenes into quirky and eye-catching images.

To read the translation in french, click here/Cliquez ici pour lire l'interview traduis en français




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