Since Arno Raphael Minkkinen’s work is of such a corporal nature, I was delighted but not entirely surprised when I noticed the relationship between each of our initials. This quirky connection makes for a fun title, but doesn’t accurately represent the following interview. On yet another cold day, this time in Paris, four people met in a café to discuss Arno’s work: Arno, his colleague Kimmo Koskela, RD and myself (Liv Edwards Gudmundson). In this follow-up interview, we spoke of their collaborative film project, of breaking records and of Arno’s recent work in China.

In retrospect, I can say that all my interactions with the island country of Iceland have in some way or another been facilitated by Gudmundur Ingolfsson. Knowing him first through his photographic exchange with my father, Wayne Gudmundson, allowed me to witness his penchant for jokes and storytelling, be amazed at his encyclopedic mind, and get to know Iceland in a more profound way, but looking into his photographic career, which spans some 40 years, offered a new perspective on his artistically rich life.

After many conversations, artistic and non, I’ve had the great pleasure of becoming friends with and getting to know the photography Rachael Woodson more intimately. I met Rachael shortly after her move to Paris, from New York and since then, her work has appeared in the magazine Nylon and she has exhibited at Révélation 4 in Paris, during summer, 2010.

Native Scotsman and resident Coloradoan, Roddy MacInnes approaches his photography with much reflection and the effervescence of a person true passionate about photography.  Roddy expresses this passion here as he discusses his unique take on vernacular photography (the everyday images, usually not destined to be “fine art”) and his experience with autobiographical photography.

Berlin is a visual haven for graffiti lovers. Colorful tags, stenciling and murals decorate the city's walls, pavement and signs. As Tristan Siegmann shows through his photography, however, these artistic urban touches also represent significant social changes. We met with the photographer on the eve of an artistic residency and the exhibit: "Berlin: Places, Traces and Borders" in Nantes, from Oct. 13-24, 2010.

Nick Veasey makes powerful images thanks to a process far from traditional photography: the x-ray. This English artist presents fascinating and unique photographs, in the sense that an image appears on a light-sensitive negative.  For many years, he has used this particular technique to make "alternative" images for advertisements, nonetheless, he continues to passionately explore more personal themes and subjects that intrigue him.

Up to Fargo for “Individual to Icon,” an exhibit currently on display at the Plains Art Museum, Alec Soth met with our two correspondents, Jane Gudmundson and Antony Anderson, to discuss the inspiration behind his Little Brown Mushroom Tour, the outlook of a book photographer, and the importance of experimentation in photography.

To read the interview in french, click here/Cliquez ici pour lire l’interview en français

During her Masters work in Costa Rica, Morea Steinhauer started contemplating the wide range of photographic applications, which inspired her to create and lead fascinating photography workshops with Columbian refugees in Latin America. Her effervescent personality lights up a room and hearing of her meaningful projects reminds us of the exciting impacts photography can have in people’s lives. Below, she discusses her experiences as a mentor in these programs, as well as their influence on her own photography.

Amidts the high energy buzz of art vending and champagne sipping that was Show Off 2009, one photo series set itself apart from the rest: The Birthday Party. A native Australian, but long time Parisian resident, Vee Speer's most recent series is a provacatively elegant look at childhood. In the following interview, Vee discusses her main photo projects to date, her experiences being a female photographer and her upcoming series "Immortal."

To meet Nick Brandt, you need patience first of all, as this photographer is highly demanded and extremely busy, case in point: his latest work – “A shadow falls” – was opening in three European capitals within ten days! managed to catch him in Brussels before he left for Paris: patience was rewarded. Nick Brandt is a photographer with a real and genuine passion for his subjects, African animals.  His pictures bring this well-known photography genre to another level, adding intimacy and romance.




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