INTERVIEW «Photo ou série photo»
From June 11 to July 11, South Africa will welcome the 19th Football World Cup and its accompanying mass media scrum. It promises to be a curious encounter which could turn out to be astonishing and even explosive… Others are using the football event to discretely bring about support and motivation for street kids. This is what four non-governmental organizations from England, Macedonia, Brazil and Kenya are doing. The German photographer Christine Fenzl shadowed them in 2005 and 2006, as part of her continuing photographic interest in childhood and adolescence as experienced in different world cities.
INTERVIEW «Photography events»
Heralding in the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, as a part of exhibition “Cannes fait le mur” that will take place until 12th July at Cannes, giant portraits of world renowned celebrities decorate the city of Cannes. These prestigious clichés were taken by one of the most sought after photographers of the 7th art, Lorenzo Aguis, for the agency Contour, of Getty Images. He agreed to give us the “behind the scenes” interview.
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
Up to Fargo for “Individual to Icon,” an exhibit currently on display at the Plains Art Museum, Alec Soth met with our two correspondents, Jane Gudmundson and Antony Anderson, to discuss the inspiration behind his Little Brown Mushroom Tour, the outlook of a book photographer, and the importance of experimentation in photography.
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
During her Masters work in Costa Rica, Morea Steinhauer started contemplating the wide range of photographic applications, which inspired her to create and lead fascinating photography workshops with Columbian refugees in Latin America. Her effervescent personality lights up a room and hearing of her meaningful projects reminds us of the exciting impacts photography can have in people’s lives. Below, she discusses her experiences as a mentor in these programs, as well as their influence on her own photography.
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
Amidts the high energy buzz of art vending and champagne sipping that was Show Off 2009, one photo series set itself apart from the rest: The Birthday Party. A native Australian, but long time Parisian resident, Vee Speer's most recent series is a provacatively elegant look at childhood. In the following interview, Vee discusses her main photo projects to date, her experiences being a female photographer and her upcoming series "Immortal."