INTERVIEW «Photography books»
On the one hand, Michael Somoroff's latest publication, "A Moment. Master Photographers: Portraits by Michael Somoroff", is somewhat of a name game - this grouping of portraits represents a serious "Who's Who" of great 20th Century photographers: Brassaï, Lartigue, Penn, Avedon, Kertesz...and the list goes on. But Somoroff's photography isn't solely concerned with his photographic mentors, influences, and models. For Somoroff, as he explains below, the most important factor is the moment, the relationship between humans, and the "Truth"...
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
If you're a fan of the vernacular landscape viewpoints of Garry Winogrand or Lee Friedlander, you'll no doubt experience a similar attraction to the work of Tom Wik. Focusing on his own American, and especially Minnesotan, neighborhoods, Wik picks up on the architecturally and visually quircky scenes that surround him. Inspired by well-known photographers, his work as a building contractor, and his collaboration with other artists, Wik shares with us his very down-to-earth approach to photography.
INTERVIEW «Photo ou série photo»
Considering our modern tendency to get swept up in the world of digital technology, it's refreshing to see a body of photographic work that deals with the Kindle or the Ipad's predecessor: the book. Mickey Smith, an American photographer currently starting up in New Zealand, has focused her energy on photographing books, bound journals, and the like. Countless hours in libraries around the world have culminated into her numerous series like "Believe You Me" and "Collocations." Through her images, book and journal titles tell new stories...
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
For his exhibition Human Form at Galerie Duboys in the Marais in Paris, you will find the physical, psychological and alternative visions of American artist Michael McCarthy. We join him in this gallery for an interview/guided visit of his photographic work which he continues to develop (and which is enriched) by his travels.
INTERVIEW «Photographers»
In conversation that weaves back and forth between politics, religion, art, and history, Joel Peter Witkin elucidates some of the fascinating paradoxes surrounding his photography. Resolving images, art as incarnation,wisdom gained from odd jobs, the New York art scene, opinions on abortion - this wide range of subjects all merge together as Witkin sat down with us after a lecture at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (Bnf) in Paris.